As Real As It Gets

Bono Studio is named from the massive tidal waves cruising through rivers of Pelalawan, Indonesia. Locals call it ‘bono’ to convince outsiders that these tidal waves are as real as it gets. Thats who we are, we’re a local creative agency specialised in the imaginative use of technical and creative direction to orbit creative ideas come to life. We are the real deal as if a bono tidal wave.

Do you have a creative idea that you’d like us to explore? Get in touch with us for more information about what we do and what we can do for you.

What we can help you achieve

Corporate Branding | Digital Activation | UI & UX Design

Our Target Clients
  • Institutions
  • Brands
  • Companies
  • Events



When it comes to illustrations, we fulfill our clients desires the long and hard way. We tend to work as if our clients are part of each progress knowing that they are dealing with professionals.

Digital Imaging

We get it; original photographs are sometimes lame. Especially when you got the wrong tools to catch a photo.

We are your solution. We cut budgets by creating digital imaging of photo shoot by scraps.

Company Branding

We’re a specialist at consulting on brand marketing strategy and also designing the company’s brand identity.

Brand Strategy

No need to worry about how to express your company identity. With us we are able to find the mach color and visual identity to your brand!

Social Media Optimization

Get more view and share on your post! We will fill your social media timeline with tons of post to boost up your web and social media.

Web & Apps Design

Engage your product and customer via well-designed websites. Comfort your customer eyes and experience with imaginative and well-funcitoned apps,

Peoples of Bono