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Bono Studio, sports branding in another level

Sports is a
game in many levels.

Sports branding is another game in another level of sports industry. We heat up the game by sending and creating the message of sportsmanship in the sports industry.

Branding Strategy

Branding is the main game that will separate the brands positioning with competitors. Branding is not just about the brands logo or tagline, it requires strategies good enough to turntables. We’re expertise in developing branding strategies and executing them.

Marketing Strategy

Spreading your brand message would require a network that fits your branding. We create the marketing strategy for your brand that would help you penetrate new markets. Planning them is one thing, executing them is another. With a team of young creatives, we’re committed in executing each marketing strategy that we make and ensuring each marketing strategy runs precisely as planned.

Product Design

We develop designs for sportswear products to be produced by sportswear brands. Our high standards in design makes us superior in sportswear product designing, from jersey, t-shirt, shoe, etc. Our team of passionated designers have the experience of designing sportswear products for football teams in highest league level.


What our clients
say about us.


“It has been a wonderful experience working with Bono on our rebranding project. Our customers loved the new logo”
Adithyo Lendra

Owner, Classico

Branding & Marketing Strategy

“Bono created a standard for our branding and changed our way of branding”
Yudhi Setiawie

Owner, RIORS

Marketing Strategy

“We're satisfied to be connected to Persikabo through Bono. Bono also helped us through the marketing strategy”
Dimas Yustisia

Owner, DJ Sports

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