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What If #01 : Indonesia sponsored by Nike in 1996

Bono Studio is bringing our first series of ‘What If’. It explores what would happen if major sportswear with iconic teamwears occurred differently in sponsorship agreements with clubs and federations. The series is produced by us by taking shots on iconic teamwears from our studio and edit them with customised designs regarding the clubs or nations identical elements.

Our first ‘What If’ series starts with Indonesia’s national football team. Currently their federation didn’t extend their 14 years running contract with Nike and decided to give it a shot with a newbie, Mills. Mills hasn’t yet sponsored any football team before and only has the history of producing running jerseys for their retail. Whatever they’re gonna bring to the table, it’ll be a wild card, folks.

We start with the iconic Nike template jersey wore by the infamous Italy in Euro 1996. Unfortunately Italy didn’t pass the group stage but at least they leaved behind a remarkable jersey iconic enough to be remembered years later. Nike are even taking back the 1996 style in present days fashion. Back in 1996, Indonesia wore jerseys made by Mikasa, a sports brand known for their rock solid football ball played in Indonesia’s national league.

What If Indonesia were sponsored by Nike in 1996

We came to an approach of designing a clean kit without any customised graphics. From our perspective, this kit was ‘too iconic’ to be added more to it. We decided to add varsity number set in which those font types were running the era back then. As for the crest was design by a wonderful sportswear designer, Fajar Ramadhan, that has mountains aheads to climb as he will join forces with Mills, the sportswear we’ve mentioned before. (Break a leg, mate!)

What do you think of this first ‘What If’ attempt? Got any ideas what club/nation team we should give a hit?

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